Testing Sanity

The core task of software development is sanity testing.

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GitHub Pages Vs. Wiki

10 Dec 2014
Posted by cgp

So, I'm trying to decide what would be a better tool to document my new GitHub project CanaryModPluginSeed. A simple pro-con approach yields the following:

Wiki Pros

  1. Anybody can update
  2. More distributed responsibility, more likely to get done

Wiki cons

  1. Not interactive
  2. Not tied to the current version, though in retrospect, netiher are github pages

Github pages pros

  1. Interactive
  2. Can use generated content
  3. Still can distribute responsibility to those who happen to know how to use github

Github pages cons

  1. Less likely to get updated by someone other than me
  2. HTML by default, more work to do

After some effort, setting up Jekyll proved to be a pain. There's some way to use markup on github pages, but I don't know what I did that caused it not to work. I'm just going to focus on the readme style documentation for now.

I used github instructions on how to install Jekyll and all the related tools, but unfortunately, ran into problems with certificates, problems while using cygwin, and then finally problems with not having dev tools installed. We're close, but no cigar.