Testing Sanity

The core task of software development is sanity testing.

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I experienced firsthand the dangers of software RAID as implemented by an onboard SATA controller posing as a RAID controller. Many computer enthusiasts who want to utilize RAID take the lower cost controllers found on a motherboard and use them considering them to be a full RAID solution. Not so. While the performance numbers are nearly indistinguishable from most of the cheaper full RAID solutions, there are some features found on real hardware RAID controllers which really set them out from your onboard software controllers.

Here are some traits of a true RAID controller:

  1. Diagnose hard drives on their own. They can detect SMART failures, and/or read failures.
  2. Use native RAID commands instead of SATA/IDE ones provided by the BIOS.
  3. Have a read/write cache built on board. They have a battery backup in case of power failure.
  4. Upon detection of failure, they recover without the use of a driver.
  5. They present a single drive per RAID volume/array to the OS, never multiple)

If your card is missing any of these traits, it's probably not hardware RAID.

Somewhere out there, Chad is laughing, hopefully not too hard. (for his own good) :)


  1. Linux faq-sata-raid

Data Dumper for Java

24 Aug 2007
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I was looking for something which would do a data dump (sometimes there is a need to look at the data in an environment outside of the debugger!)

Data Dumper thread I found
which references how reflection is done in java. Gosh I hope it isn't horribly arcane.
Reflection in Java

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  • Setting up a Maven Repository - About as good an article on setting up maven2 repositories as I've seen. He chose to install Artifactory, which looked good enough for me. Then I talked to Bob and told me about Archiva which includes some reporting tools Artifactory is missing. I'll check it out later and see whether or not the beta version of Archiva is any good or not.
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The websites below are examples of my HTML/CSS development experience:

Secure Depot

Developed for a mortgage doc prep company in 2004, this site uses php for a template engine and contains custom graphics with theming. Usage of gradients and reflective effects give this website a modern appearance. The symbols in the banner have meaning throughout the application. Color is used extensively to convey status of documents, packages and more. Javascript and AJAX is used throughout the site for auto-fill, automatic refreshing of the state of the application, and to reduce overall complexity.

Google Site Status

28 Aug 2006
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