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Van Tapes Calculator

Posted by cgp
This is a response to the oft quoted remark:

Basically, this tool calculates exactly what that bandwidth actually is. It does take into account the carrying capacity of the vehicle. For example, most vans won't be able to carry more than 2500lbs of hard drives, which works out to a surprisingly low number of hard drives.

I probably could add in something to calculate the latency. See here for some comparison of bandwidth speeds.

For some reason this is broken in Chrome... (turns out that I had variables/prototypes named media which is some sort of reserved word, changing the names cleared it all up)

Media (Tape) Specs
Storage per Tape (in gigs):
Weight per Tape (lbs):
Cost per Tape:
Transfer Rate (mb/s):
Tape Dimensions (inches) : x x
Transportation (Van) Specs
Van Max Weight Load (lbs) :
Speed :
Van Dimensions (inches) : x x
# of Tapes:
Drive Time (hours):